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Do I need a new roof??

Do you ever find yourself looking at your roof wondering when you'll have to bite the bullet and replace it? Well your not alone! A roof is one of the most vital parts to the "system" of your house, especially in the Great Lakes region, and the last thing you want to do is wait till it is too late. The repeating stress of mother nature is visible on a roof but to what extent? Here are a few signs we look for:


  • Cracking of Ridge Cap Shingles

  • Hire a professional to check your ridge cap shingles for cracking that could lead to leaks.

  • Large patches of discoloration

  • ​Large dark streaks on your roof eaves mean that the shingle is heavily worn and is on the lower end of its life.

  • Heavy amounts of shingle sediment in your gutters

  • ​Goes hand-in-hand with discoloration patches on your roof because the sediment is being knocked loose from your shingle and falls into your gutter.

  • Patches needing to be repaired

  • ​Having to have repairs done usually means that the shingle tar strips have begun to loosen. These tar strips create the bond that makes the roof "system" work. Each strip repels water from seeping behind the shingles and into your house, but without those strips your roof is in trouble.


  • Discolored decking

  • ​From your attic, assuming it is not covered in baffles, you should be able to see the bottom of your roof decking. Large stains on the bottom side mean that water is entering your roof at some point due to a bad roof.

  • ​Drywall Damage

  • ​Structurally insulated panels can make determining if you have a leak a headache. More often then not, it is too late and your suffering from water damage.

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